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Helmet Sizing Chart

A perfect fit is safer and more comfortable.

Helmet Size

It is important to choose a helmet that will fit you perfectly. Here are a few steps to help you find your correct size

Step 1

Use a measuring tape or string and measure around the head – above the eyebrows /ears (area usually the helmet covers). Make a note of the measurement.

Step 2

Based on the measurement, note your helmet size as below

Size Head Circumference (cms) Head Circumference (inches)
XXS 52 20.5
XS 53 20.9
S 54 21.2
M 57 22.4
L 59 23.2
XL 60 23.6
XXL 62 24.4
XXXL 63 24.8
XXXXL 64 25.2

Step 3

Try the helmet, based on the size chart above and secure it with chin straps. The helmet should touch all parts of your head. Make sure there aren’t any gaps between pads, and they are touching the cheeks directly.

Step 4

Move your head up/down or left/right and check if the helmet doesn’t move independently or slip over your cheeks.

Step 5

Open the straps, pull the helmet up. If getting in and out of the helmet is not requiring too much effort you have found the right fit,

Step 6

Do a 10 second wear-check to see if the helmet is comfortable and safe to wear for a long duration.


Always try a helmet before buying.

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