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Care & Maintenance

Keep your your helmet performing and looking like new.

Your new SMK Helmet is designed and built to give you many years of enjoyment and protection. Properly caring for and maintaining your helmet will maximize its lifespan and ensure you are fully covered by the SMK warranty.


Helmet Care

  • The helmet has been designed specifically for motorcycle and motorbike use therefore it must not be used for other purposes (or uses or scopes)
  • Please ensure that your helmet’s outer shell does not come in contact with any petroleum/gasoline product
  • Do Not hang your helmet on the mirror handlebar of the vehicle
  • Do Not repaint your helmet as repainting of helmet can reduce impact absorption capacity
  • Do Not use dark tinted visors in poor visibility conditions
  • Do Not modify your helmet by drilling holes in the outer shell
  • Do Not replace/remove any of the original parts of your helmet
  • Damage resulting from an accidental fall may not be visible. Helmets which receive violent impacts are to be replaced

How to Videos

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SMK Stellar Full Face Helmet Parts Replacement
SMK Retro Full Face Part Replacement
SMK Gullwing Modular Helmet Parts Replacement

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