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  • QuickReleaseVisor
    Quick Release Shield

    It’s extra-wide, replaceable and UV resistant for a great view of the road ahead.

  • helmet
    Advanced Air Intakes

    Efficient, channeled air intake and venting for complete comfort on long rides and in any weather.

  • helmet
    Pinlock® 70 Ready

    It’s the premium, double-glass, extra-wide fog-resistive solution from the industry leaders.

  • Fog
    Anti-Static Moisture-Controlled Fabrics

    Enjoy Resil-coated liners for a dry, comfortable ride in the warmest, most active riding conditions.

  • ECECertified
    DoT & ECE Certified

    Wherever you are in the world, you can ride assured that your helmet meets local safety certifications.

  • Removable-washer-liner
    Removable Washable Liner
  • 2Shells
  • BreathDeflector
    Breath Deflector
  • Breathable-Liner
    Breathable Liner
  • Channeled-Exhaust
    Channeled Exhausts
  • ChinairVents
    Chin Air Vents
  • WindProtector
    Wind Protector
  • Helmet
    Hot Air Exhaust
  • Hypoallergenic
    Hypoallergenic Liner
  • MultiDensityEPS
    Multi-Density EPS
  • PINLOCKAntifog
    Pinlock® Antifog
  • QuickReleaseStrap
    Quick-Release Strap
  • ReinforcedStrap
    Reinforced Strap
  • ScratchResistant
    Scratch-Resistant Shield
  • TopAirVents
    Top Air Vents
  • UVResistaneVisor
    UV-Resistant Shield
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